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Contact: leahjoykelton@gmail.com
As His Poiema—Writing, Editing, and Creative Consulting, I provide a plethora of services including, but not limited to:

  • Writing
    Of course-- my dream is to write proper books, but a girl's got to pay the bills! That said, if you're in the market to publish a book and are just looking for someone to pitch one to you, you've landed in the right place :) In the meantime, I write heart-felt articles and devotionals on myriad topics, and love doing book reviews. I also have proven skill in producing content for websites, product descriptions, really just write-ups for any aspect of a business' presence. If you have a need to transpose a concept into words, I can craft the perfect piece for you! Or if you're looking for interesting, moving, devotional-style writing telling stories from life that point back to the Maker of it, I'm your girl.

  • Editing
    Do you already have content getting your point across but could do with pumping a bit of personality into it, while (or "whilst", if you like) ensuring the information is made clear and approachable to your intended audience? This is one of my favourite things (or favorite. I'm an American woman who studied her degree in the heart of England, so you can take your pick...) At the very least, sometimes we need a fresh eye to come along after us and cross our 'T's and dot our 'I's. I can point out where something isn't working and suggest how it might better do so. Basically, I give your content that professional polish and sense of completion that you can feel proud of. Most of my editing experience thus far has been on academic work and website content, but I would love to sink my teeth into a good book editing opportunity!

  • Creative Consulting
    This is the header that everything else falls under. I style sets for photo shoots and act as that second pair of eyes for the photographer busy behind the lens. I work with small-business clients from the start to the finish of their branding, helping them to take the vision in their heads and put it to whatever medium they're employing to reach their intended audience, optimizing how their product or brand or business comes across to the ones they are trying to reach-- just the same as editing your written work to most pleasingly and accurately portray your stated idea. I am inspired to create beauty wherever it is lacking. I have dabbled in painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, re-upholstery, stationery-making, and all manner of up-cycling the discarded to turn it over into the fabulous.  If you have a need to infuse a bit of creativity into whatever you're doing, let's have a talk.

And you might like to know
Beginning my university studies in the States, I majored in English Literature and minored in Philosophy-- subjects which still make my heart thrill! I then went on to receive my BA Honours in the UK-- Theology with an emphasis on Cross-cultural Ministry. I've been living and working and laughing and loving and growing and experiencing life and cultures and people in the USA, England, Northern Ireland, Romania, Uganda, and Sweden for extending periods of time, and any other number of places in the world for shorter periods.

My deep motivation for all I do is to share the hope of Christ. My affinity for the written word goes beyond polishing up an idea to make it shine for a reader. I believe in doing what we're passionate about and doing it excellently because working with passion reflects well on the God who loves us. Mostly, I write because He loves me and you and we need reminding of it. I love people and the stories we have to tell just in living. I'd be honoured to help you tell your story, or whatever page of it you'd like to attempt today...

My rates will vary according to the project, but get in touch with me at leahjoypearson@gmail.com to discuss your needs and negotiate a price we can both feel happy with. I would be interested in contributing writing free of charge to particular projects which really allow my heart to dance in the work. If you think you might know what that is, please contact me with specifics!

With love and gratitude,

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