Friday, 24 July 2009

Quickly, quickly

Home, safe and sound.
Jet-lagged, tired and up at odd hours :)
Deliriously delighted by my beautiful nieces and gorgeous nephew. I love being Auntie to Abby, Emmy, and Tucker!
Loving every familiar thing. Took a bike ride to Dorset last night just like the hundreds of other times in my childhood and savoured every moment of it. God is good.
Really loving to see my little brother Jonah. I miss this kid!!
Hitting the ground running-- just got home last night and now one more day and night here to have a dress fitting for the bridesmaid dress for my brother's weddig, and babysit my new nephew and then it's off to meet up with my Grandparents and cousin over the weekend...
I do promise to post more interestingly with a bit of time!

Live in Love...

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh Sweden...

Okay, so I'll admit-- I kind of stink at this blog thing. I'm sorry!! I used to be so good...

Nonetheless, I am updating today to say that I am on my way home on Tuesday! The 3 months went by quickly, and yet in some ways it seems as if I've been building a life here so much longer. I'm going home for about 6 weeks to be bridesmaid in two weddings (Brona just finished MAKING MY DRESS for the second wedding and it is SO LOVELY! I actually feel good in it, which is saying alot :) I am so pleased!), and to sort out my passport and visa so that when I return to Sweden in September, it will be with a residency permit! PRAISE THE LORD!

This means I'll really be moving in. I'll be getting a personal number (like a SSN), sorting out my healthcare here, and settling in for the next year of my life. It is very exciting, and also a bit daunting...

I am meeting up with Mike and Brona tomorrow, my last day in Sweden, and really hoping to sort out some ministry stuff so that I know we are all on the same page about my role here with Rescue Mission, to use my giftings as I discover them, and to build up and encourage my church here. That way I can be preparing myself while I'm away for what exactly is expected of me as a missionary with Rescue Mission. They've never done this before so we're all on a learning curve together...

Please do pray about this! For clear communication and openness on both sides. In the past I have come to them like one of the kids, sort of, and now we sit across from one another on an equal playing field as adults. Quite interestingly, I'M the only Theologically trained one... but also the least confident.

But my heart aches with love for this little fellowship of broken people, it aches with compassion for the mess people come to us in, it aches with longing for this secular lostlostlost society of Sweden to see the face of the living God and be transformed...

Today two ladies joined us at church. They came to the shop only to find that it wasn't open and that a church service was going on! So we invited them in and they sat for about 2 songs of worshipping the Lord and then one of them stood between songs and exclaimed, quite politely, "Thank you for inviting us, but in the 21st century I think we should be singing about Ladies as much as Lords." And with that, they got up and left...

Hello, Sweden.

I love this God who does not let us go without giving us the opportunity to know Him. I love that He's still inspiring hearts to serve Him in countries where they've pretty much decided to reject Him-- just so there will be a light in the darkness for any way-faring soul who might be looking for it and might respond to it. I love that He loves so long, so hard, so deep, so wide. He has a heart that constantly seeks seekers. And it's that heart I serve here, there, and everywhere.

So, next stop--America! I hope I'll get to see you :)

Much love,

Friday, 3 July 2009

On The Fritz

My computer cord is on the fritz!! I've ordered another but it could be weeks before I see it :( So... please be patient with me and the way I am communicating far less these days. I'll have to postpone writing my newsletter for June too! And pray that the replacement cord arrives here safe and sound and quickly!

Thanks, everyone. You are gems :)
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