Friday, 24 July 2009

Quickly, quickly

Home, safe and sound.
Jet-lagged, tired and up at odd hours :)
Deliriously delighted by my beautiful nieces and gorgeous nephew. I love being Auntie to Abby, Emmy, and Tucker!
Loving every familiar thing. Took a bike ride to Dorset last night just like the hundreds of other times in my childhood and savoured every moment of it. God is good.
Really loving to see my little brother Jonah. I miss this kid!!
Hitting the ground running-- just got home last night and now one more day and night here to have a dress fitting for the bridesmaid dress for my brother's weddig, and babysit my new nephew and then it's off to meet up with my Grandparents and cousin over the weekend...
I do promise to post more interestingly with a bit of time!

Live in Love...

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