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Hello! My name is Leah and I'm a natural-light lifestyle and wedding Photographer, Young Living Independent Distributor, and Freelance Writer, Editor, and Creative Consultant with my heart all wrapped up in serving God in Europe. I'm also crazy about little ones, such an anglophile that even my husband is British, studied Theology for my degree with an emphasis in Cross-cultural Ministry, have a natural draw toward pastoral care and Christian discipleship, find my soul fueled by trying my hand at all kinds of creativity. After all, God gave us too many good gifts in life to leave them unexplored...

I believe we're put here to live out a purpose, and there is so much massive need in this aching world that we can ALL find our place holding our hands against the wounds. I'm passionate about what's popularly referred to as "social justice", but in other words, loving one another as Christ immeasurably loves us. He's given me breath-stealing opportunities to that end-- cradling precious abandoned babies in Romania, praying with dying people full of lessons to teach me in hospital in England, walking alongside people coming off drugs and alcohol and out of the prison system in Sweden and touching them with His hands when they don't even believe there is such a thing as God, stepping into the residue of years of religious hatred between the Catholics and the Protestants in cross-community work in Belfast, and feeding beautiful malnourished children who knew more about having joy than I have ever seen in Uganda. I can't get enough of gazing at this utterly incredible God all across this broken world, and I so want to speak out the hope He gives with my very life wherever He takes me and with whatever voice He gives me.

If you've had all kinds of inklings about Him, as if hearing vague echoes from a distance, and would just like to put it all into words to someone, drop me a line. Or maybe you know Him well enough to have realized that faith is no easy journey. Come on over, friend, and we can walk this road together...

Strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way;
 say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come… He will come to save you.”
-- Isaiah 35:3-4

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