Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Grandma's Christmas Candies

This weekend was beautiful.

The apron of Grandma's
that I remember the most keenly
I spent it at my Grandpa's house, helping him to figure out how in the world Grandma made all her Christmas candy. He wanted to do it this year, to hand out to all the family like Grandma used to-- huge boxes full of chocolate-covered-cherries, Turtle candies made from scratch, various cookies, and almond-bark goodies. We could never have guessed how tiring it would be! How Grandma did this year after year, I will never know. But as I stood in her kitchen, wearing her apron, stirring her pots of caramel, I felt so close to her. It struck me how very many times her smooth, soft hands had touched those well-worn pots and pans. Cooking for others was one of the main ways Grandma showed her love-- pots and pots full of love.

There were some tears-- for both Grandpa and I-- but there was also lots of laughter. And I can't wait to find an excuse for another long weekend spent at Grandpa's :)

My very own Christmas elf :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Update on the Photography Name Game

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on the photography name for me, both here and on Facebook. The favourite ended up being the one I favoured too! But then I did my research... to find that Poiema Photography is already taken! As is Leah Joy Photography. And Moments of Joy Photography (a great suggestion from a friend on FB). But His Poiema Photography is still free. Do I spring on it? I'm worried about it being kind of a strange mouthful.

I want to deliberate over a name because it's important. But I want to begin this journey and I need to reserve whatever name I'm going for in order to get the blog address, the FB page, etc. I want it to be intriguing, and to invite curiosity about what it stands for. I want it to be artsy. I want it to be personal to me, and to what God has spoken over my heart and over my life all these years of coming to know Him more and more. I feel like photography, like writing, is kind of a spiritual thing. Grasping on to little glimmers of His glory to share with the world. Pointing, always pointing, to the whole epitome of this existence...

And I do so love Him. And long to magnify Him in it all. I just can't keep it in...

So, I've been brainstorming and checking each and every idea that comes to mind. All the best ones seem to be taken! But there are a few left that might work... I used a word cloud generator to show me what words I have most often written on this blog, and then came up with some names based on them :) Does anyone have any opinion on the list I've put together below? Or any other suggestions I might consider?

#1-- His Poiema Photography. "Poiema" means workmanship or masterpiece in Greek. And everything I photograph will be little glimmers of His masterpiece as are each and every one of our life stories as they are being played out!

#2-- Poetry of Light Photography (or Poet of Light Photography). It again, plays off the idea that we are God's poiema, His masterpiece, His work of poetry. And photography is all about capturing scenes according to the light thrown on it. And He is the Light shed on all of us...

#3-- Poetry & Grace Photography. Because we are His poetry, and His theme running throughout the myriad lines is grace.

#4-- Hope & Light Photography. Because the word HOPE came up a lot in my word cloud generation. And I am kinda addicted to hope. I run on it like fuel. And the fact that Light drives photography. And He is the light.

#5-- Whispers of Hope Photography. Because this side of heaven we must quieten ourselves to hear the whispers...

#6-- Whispers of Light Photography. Again, we can only catch the whispers now. And His beauty all around us does the whispering...

#7-- Whispered Poem Photography. In that same vein.

Your thoughts? I'd love to hear them. Help me narrow it down!

(In other news, I discovered in all my research on what names are taken and which are not, that there are NO other Leah Keltons on FB. There are MANY Leah Pearsons-- hence the middle name being employed-- but not a single Leah Kelton to be found. 'Til June 1st, that is :) :) :) I am so excited to become Mrs. Charles Kelton! Hey, maybe that should be an option: Mrs. Charles Kelton Photography :) )

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas come Early (And I Need Your Help!)

So... The day has finally come.

I have a beautiful little DSLR camera of my very own :) :) :) Secondhand, of course, because my pocketbook isn't as big as my dreams. But my first "proper" camera, nonetheless. One of my current prayer themes is that the Lord would teach me how to capture His beauty in photos in such a way that I might help make a living for my family. So, this is the beginning of an exciting journey into the land of freelance photography :) I pray I don't lose heart! I can be so afraid of failure that I don't even try at some things...

But there are a few things I know and a LOT of things I have to learn.
For instance, I know I have a true bend toward Natural Light Photography.
I know I like taking photos in Aperture Priority best.
I know my general "style" of photos are light and airy, as well as robust with colour, especially if the sun is out and it's golden!
I know I want to help contribute toward the living of Charles' and my family (starting with our marriage on June 1st, 2013! Woohoo!!) in such a way that I can (mostly) stay home with our kids.
I know I HAVE to use my creativity for my soul to thrive.
And I know I have ALWAYS had a thing for capturing the beauty I see in a way I can share it with people-- whether that be in writing or taking photos. I cannot keep the fragments of His glory I see showered down amongst us to myself.

I'm toying with names for a freelance photography business starting from scratch. Want to weigh in?

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:
(This one probably makes the most sense, but I'm just not that comfortable with naming it after myself!) 

I'm leaning toward Option #1, just as it seems a bit clearer than Option #2, and it doesn't involve my own name like Option #3. Anyone want to give me your opinion? Or suggest other names you think it should go by?

And, while we're at it, does anyone want to have your pictures taken to give me some practice? Get in touch! One has got to start somewhere...
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