Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Grandma's Christmas Candies

This weekend was beautiful.

The apron of Grandma's
that I remember the most keenly
I spent it at my Grandpa's house, helping him to figure out how in the world Grandma made all her Christmas candy. He wanted to do it this year, to hand out to all the family like Grandma used to-- huge boxes full of chocolate-covered-cherries, Turtle candies made from scratch, various cookies, and almond-bark goodies. We could never have guessed how tiring it would be! How Grandma did this year after year, I will never know. But as I stood in her kitchen, wearing her apron, stirring her pots of caramel, I felt so close to her. It struck me how very many times her smooth, soft hands had touched those well-worn pots and pans. Cooking for others was one of the main ways Grandma showed her love-- pots and pots full of love.

There were some tears-- for both Grandpa and I-- but there was also lots of laughter. And I can't wait to find an excuse for another long weekend spent at Grandpa's :)

My very own Christmas elf :)

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