Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Back to the States Again!

Dear All,

Pictures here of the last few lovely months!

I cannot believe my second year of college has drawn to a close! And I cannot put into words all the growing times it has held. Now I'm on the way back to the States (15 June 2007) for about 10 weeks and very much looking forward to seeing everyone I love there, but very much not looking forward to leaving this home of my heart again and all the ones I love here... Living with your heart stretched across two continents leads to a very strange emotional life, I tell ya!

But God knows what He's doing. I have to remind myself a million times a day and look at the examples He's places all around me of people with that truth branded on their hearts...

There's Claire who last year when we met had no idea why she was studying here and what she would do with it, and now this year has just graduated last weekend and has been offered a position as an assistant pastor in a town on the sea about an hour from here! She's only 22!

Then there's Anne who is one of the most incredible spirits I've ever known-- though she would wonder why I'd think so-- who grew up an MK in Kenya and has worked 11 years in Tanzania and is now working on an MA before she moves back to Africa with CMS. She doesn't know exactly she'll be doing there now, but she knows that's where her heart is.

And Dave who is 21 and has just moved to China for the summer Monday to be employed as a team leader with Open Doors. He doesn't know why or how, really, just that he has hands for the work and a heart for 'the boss', as his coded emails will have to call God when he writes from inside that vast, oppressed country.

Chris and Helen and their 2 year old Hannah and 3 month old Daniel will be headed out to Moldova this autumn. They left their two well-paying jobs in London two years ago to follow God here to Redcliffe not having a clue where He wanted to take them in the long run. He's come through and revealed the next step for them just as He does all of us who seek Him with our lives...

These are just five of my friends out of over a hundred of us training here... He knows what He's doing. And it is such an amazing privilege to be a part of this. Such an amazing privilege for all of us (you included!) as Christians to know that we are a part of a vast plan far beyond our understanding and that we get to play a part in it...

Keep on seeking Him for your part.
Leah <><

* For another life-altering year at Redcliffe full of fabulous people, deep relationships, and fun as well as earth-shattering heart aches and tough lessons

* For God to reveal His next step for my life and for me to trust Him and follow willingly!
* For a good summer (void of broken bones this time, please!) with family and friends that can be a time to rest (despite working hard) and prepare for whatever comes next!

(Photos of awesome people, places, and things!: http://www.kodakgallery.com/Slideshow.jsp?mode=fromshare&Uc=102dzu8o.5jjva8oc&Uy=-1o6zzn&Ux=0)

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