Sunday, 16 November 2008

Just a Quick Catch-up!!

Hej då Sweden

I can hardly believe my 2 months in Sweden have already drawn to a close! Nor can I believe how truly difficult it was to leave. God has woven my heart in to the fabric of the place and the people now and I can't wait to get back!! In my last week we had many little goodbye get-togethers and He lavished me with such precious times just basking in His love poured out through His people of my little Rescue Mission Church. I just never would have written this into my own story if I was holding the pen. Perhaps the sheer surprise of belonging makes it all the more precious.

Thankfully, He knows best and is Himself the Master-poet because though I wouldn't have thought that Sweden might be the place for me more long-term, He knew what He was doing all along. It makes sense now how He, from the beginning when I first tentatively sought Him about mission and ministry at age 18, insisted that it wasn't a specific country that I was to cling to, but Him and His heart for His people. Let me tell you, His heart is all over and all through and all around these people, and many more I have yet to meet who have and will come into contact with this Secondhand shop, and I've been asked to come back to Rescue Mission Ministries...

And so, as I head home for the holidays and a time of sorting out my next move now that I have a destination for my step, a whole new leg of the journey on this adventure of following Him into world missions commences... And I am breathless with excitement, bubbling over with joy, trembling with fear, and infused with Love.

(Photo gallery of my time in Sweden: here)

Hello Again England!

So, upon leaving Sweden I headed back to England to quickly repack and reprioritize all the things I've left here in the Austin-Sparkses attic and see as many friends as could be seen in about 2 days time!! It has been a whirlwind and I'm exhausted, but so so blessed as He has again revealed His heart in the hearts of these people I get to love here in my 'European home' of England. It has been precious to come together and catch up and to share our hearts and know that wherever living for Him and loving Him takes us all, His spirit does bind us together and we truly have family in one another all across the world...

Coming Home for the Holidays!

I'm arriving back to U.S. soil after nearly a year of being away completely on Monday, November 17th and I am so excited to spend the holidays with my family, and a few weeks sorting out my return to Sweden, seeking for God to make straight the paths for His purposes...

What I'm needing prayer and advice for now is:

* Praise with me that He's bringing me home! And please pray with me that I might be a real blessing to my family throughout this long visit

* Please pray for support partnership opportunities-- will you please pray with me that those God is raising up to partner with me in mission will be keen to step up and let me know how they feel called to help (in taking care of practical things for me back home when I'm abroad, in committing to pray for me and to be in contact with me about prayer needs, in committing to helping to raise or to give financially, etc)?

* Please praye for wisdom and courage within myself as I step into this new and difficult terrain of support-raising-- but praise with me that even in a 'credit crunch', He still owns the cattle on a thousand hills and knows just how to shift finances around to glorify Himself in our lives!

* Praise with me that He has revealed a next step to walk toward!! And pray with me that He will continually strengthen my faith and my trust of Him and identity in Him as I look toward this vision for ministry, that I will not be discouraged or lose heart concentrating on what little I am instead of how great He is and how His power is made perfect in weakness!

* Please pray for earning opportunities for my 6-8 weeks back in the states-- does anyone know of any temp jobs I might take on during my visit to my family in Northern MN?

* Please thank God for travelling mercies!

Oh, the list could go on if I let it!

Continue to expect a proper detailed explanation of Rescue Mission Ministries and where I fit in, and how God has moved to keep me there as soon as I stop moving countries and continents for long enough to sit down and take a deep breath!!

You are so loved...
His (and yours) in England tonight, America tomorrow, Sweden yesterday--


gabi dickinson said...

You always have my prayers, darling. And what a great honour it is for me to able to intercede for His purposes to come about in your life, and the life of those He's brought to you to love!

Anonymous said...

I'm hopefully going to be seeing you soon!! I'm thinking that I will come for a visit on Saturday or Sunday this weekend!!!

Brandy said...

Welcome back to the states. I'm sure your family is excited to have you home!

claire said...

it is all so exciting. i hope you are loving your time back in the states. xxx

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