Thursday, 5 November 2009

In His Light Women's Minstry Event #1

So, FINALLY, details of the first In His Light women's ministry event last Saturday :)

We had 7 women, plus Teri-Anne and I. I was excited when people just kept showing up! This was the very first time. I thought that we could end up with, like, 4 of us :) Brona (Ireland) came, Alissa and Rema (Singapore), Anthea (South Africa), Linda (Sweden), Magdalene (Romania), and Peninah (Uganda). All believers, all at different places in the journey.

We started with a brunch-- and everyone brought something to share. We ended up with a lovely spread and we lingered over it with our coffees and tea and just chit-chatting. Then we moved into the living room and spent some time in worship....
- Mighty To Save--
- At The Cross--
- Potter’s Hand--
- This Is My Desire (I Give You My Heart)--

Then we headed into the Bible study/discussion on the message of "Captivating". We basically walked them through the message from start to end, in kind of a conversational and discussional style. It went really well. We prepared so long and so hard for this part of the meeting and it was really encouraging to see the women sharing and interacting with the subject matter and being vulnerable with one another. Then we prayed for one another. It was really lovely. Just what we'd been praying for...

Then it was time for the Spa! We did manicures and pedicures and had foot baths with mint and lime and sea salt. A few of us gave one another foot massages. There were facials and candles and food and music playing in the background of conversation. There were about 3 of us around my age, and then the oldest woman was about 60, with every age in between.

Teri-Anne and I were both very encouraged in doing it and all the work and stress over it was worth it in the end :) I did all the writing and then Teri-Anne did most of the speaking :) So, we both felt really ALIVE in doing it because we were both using our gifts...

Very encouraging! We're now planning next month. It will be only, like, 2 or 3 days after I arrive back from England so we have to get it sorted now.... We're not sure yet of our Bible Study theme, but we've planned the social side of the day already-- to go together to one of Sweden's famous Christmas markets (Jul Marknad)! There will be some lovely photos :)

Such a big thank you to everyone who has been interested in this new undertaking and for praying for us! God really did just draw some ladies together and open up a space between us to spend adoring Him and seeking His face, as well as just building relationship amongst one another. And it's an encouraging thing for me to be involved in right now...
He is good :) May the world know it and be changed from the inside out!!!

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