Friday, 23 April 2010

Stranded in Sweden!

I'm sorry for my silence!!

My friends from England, Abbie & Paul Brooks, came in last Wednesday to spend 4 days with me-- which were LOVELY-- but then due to the European airspace crisis because of the volcano in Iceland spurting out ash, they ended up being stranded here with me for 5 extra days!! After 9 days sharing every bit of life together and camping out in my one room flat, we have grown really rather attached to one another :)

And I am blessed beyond measure by God's love as expressed through these precious friends.

The airspace is finally opening up across Europe and they were able to rebook a flight for Friday night. I'll have to say farewell which is really hard to imagine after so much time attached at the hip! But after a busy weekend of women's ministry, worship leading, and babysitting, I will swiftly be off to see them again at our friend's wedding in Gloucester! I've been asked by my lovely friend, the bride, to look after her children and home while she and her groom are away on their honeymoon! I'm so honoured to be trusted so, and so looking forward to being back in my England for a visit with many loved ones :) This wedding will be very special as I have seen my lovely friend the Bride through some very difficult seasons. It is so beautiful to see how He's weaved His goodness into a situation the enemy meant to shatter her with...

Exciting, exciting!
I'll be in touch :)
Love on, love on, love on--

p.s. I do intend to send out a newsletter at some point. The days just get away from me completely!

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