Saturday, 5 February 2011

Our Newest Baby Boy!

Introducing Acacia Tree's newest little one, John Mark!
I told you about his dramatic arrival on our first day.
By our second day, I'm pretty much in love :)

My heart has so gone out to his young mother. Only 15 years old, Blessed said she cried when she gave him up after waiting desperately for help these 4 weeks, but to me it speaks of love and wisdom in her heart which is greater than her age because she knows she can never give him the kind of life she wants him to have... The only other option she had at this point was to leave him at the infamous "baby dumping grounds" which the boda driver spoke of ominously... Can you even imagine?

I've been whispering prayers over him as I rock and feed him. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these...

1 comment:

julee said...

What a beautiful baby! I will say a prayer for him tonight as well as I think of you rocking him! I love you Leah!

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