Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My Beautiful New God-daughter

Introducing, Miss Lily Joy Smith!
Born September 27th, 5:19pm, at just over 8lbs to my two very lovely, very proud (as they should be!) friends, Lizzie and Neil.

I am returning to England in November for her dedication and my first cuddle, and I can't wait!
What a privilege to be entrusted with praying for and loving this child even before she was born... Thank you, my sweet friends, for letting me share in your joy :)
(And for naming her after her auntie Leah Joy :) Hehe!)


Hephzibahbeulah said...

I do rather like this post entry! ;-)

She's so pretty!! We can't WAIT to see you and have you cuddle her. We really couldn't ask for a better godmother for her :)

Sherri said...

Would you believe my daughter has exactly the same name?! She was born June 18th, 2003 and is my beautiful little flower. I hope yours brings you the same joy.

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