Saturday, 28 August 2010

"And He determined... the exact places where they should live." -- Acts 17:26

"I can't believe [Y]ou chose me in all my fragility..." -- Nelly Furtado, "Childhood Dreams"

My grateful heart must share with you how my faithful God is providing for this little one of His here in Scandinavia.

Yes, He showed His crazy colours to me earlier this summer (as He often does-- the nature of my lifestyle might already scream it :)) when He answered my seeking heart by opening the doors for me to spend 3 months working with a brand new ministry in Uganda called Racham Ministries, started by a British friend of mine, at the beginning of 2011. He's asked me to come alongside her as we open up a brand new children's home for the vulnerable and abandoned children of Uganda. He has prepared this silly heart of mine for years, teaching me in all my smallness and fright to trust and obey regardless of how it feels. And so I said yes, having no idea how He would work it out practically and knowing I already live leaning on Him for day-to-day practicalities.

Then in the next 2 weeks from that momentous time of prayer, He landed a paying job in my lap for the interim between finishing with Rescue Mission and going out to Africa in January. He miraculously granted me a visa extention in less than an hour (unheard of in Sweden! I have a friend who applied in June and is still waiting to hear now and it's nearly September!). And not only that, but He landed a flat of my own to live in for that time. Rent-free...
Yep, you've read that correctly :) I'm still in shock and awe and I imagine He's smiling to Himself in heaven at my reaction :)

My new employers, a graphic designer and her husband, with two small children who first hired me as their babysitter and then asked me to stay on after the summer as the assistant to their fabulous high-end wedding invitation business (, have just moved to a bigger place and have their old flat standing empty til they sell it in the Spring. So, they've asked me if I'd like to stay in it. Which, conveniently, means I work across the street from where I live now :) And just when my time at the flat I've been renting from a friend all year was meant to be up. I don't think they'd mind me telling you that my new employers (& friends!) are Atheists. But they do know exactly what I'm about and want to help me help people... I joke with her about how she's such a God-send to me and isn't it ironic :) She jokes with me about how "blessed" they feel  to have me come along :) His ways are just so high above....!

I'm living in a part of the city known as "Old Town" in a building which is protected by the historic society :) (can you just imagine how much I love that?!) The family isn't finished moving out yet, and may not be while I stay here as they are keeping the flat til the Spring. But I have cleaned up and moved into the necessary rooms and I am on cloud 9 having my own space after a long year living in a 1 room space with first one roommate and then another. Oh, He is good!

In the little park right outside my new place

One of my favourite parts of this new place. Goodness, I love these beautiful windows!
Oh, the coziness! Did I mention I'm feeling blessed?

Me and my little 16-month-old Leona, the youngest of the 2 kids of this lovely family

Oh, how this all delights me so!
My Abba-Daddy is just showering me with His good gifts and my soul is finding so much rest after a very difficult year of waiting on Him in a season that stretched me beyond my own limits for far too long.

Whisper a thank you to Him for me for His faithful care and provision, will you? I jumped into this lifestyle of mission and ministry knowing that it would be difficult but never knowing HOW difficult til I was in it. But I also jumped in knowing that He is good, and that He promises to care for His servants. And I am so grateful!

See more photos of my new place here:

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Deb said...

"Shouting" (not "whispering") praises and thanks to our awesome God for His gracious and abundant provision for you, Leah!!!

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