Thursday, 13 January 2011

Onward we Press...

Yesterday, with the gracious help of a new friend, we went to the probation office (which is, apparently, the sort of head of social work here) to get the proper forms for establishing Racham Ministries as an official outreach project here in Uganda. This God-send of a friend, Isaac, drove us to and fro to collect various things and meet various people. Various Local Council members must read Racham’s constitution and sign off on the form, including a rather mysterious (to this westerner) man known as the village chairman. 

Visiting the village chairman was rather surreal. His “office” was in a stationery shop, unlit but the open doors at the front and back letting in natural light from the Ugandan sun—a dusty place with shelves along each wall, sparingly filled with stationery items the likes of which I’ve not properly seen before. All forms of paper were to be had there, apparently. Even toilet paper. Everything duly coated in a film of red dust. The Chairman was seated at a rather stark desk, and he and Isaac spoke together in a language Gabi and I can’t understand but seeing how long it was taking, I whispered to Gabs, “Just pray…” and at that very moment from some room at the back “Living on a prayer” began to play over the radio :) We tried desperately not to look silly giggling like the girls we are :)

It really is a matter of living on a prayer as every day holds a new unknown. We are so thankful for the kind men the Lord has put in our path who know the system and can help Gabi get everything going. We must visit the Chairman again, whose opinion of Racham Ministries will greatly effect the opinion of the other local council members, we are told, before meeting the other LC’s on Monday.

We appreciate all of your prayers and count the days til Gabi can bring home the little girls the Lord has in store for Racham!

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