Monday, 24 January 2011

An Update on Registration

“You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our Saviour. You are the hope of everyone on earth…” – Psalm 65:5

It should not be surprising, His favour, since we are beloved children of His, and yet, still, I gaze at Him with eyes wide with wonder :)

Last week the Lord has brought us along the process of registering Racham Ministries in Uganda full speed ahead. Our awesome Ugandan friend Isaac, whom the Lord provided at just such a time as this, knows exactly who to see, and takes us right there, visiting one official after another, getting forms signed and stamped. He’s also helping to edit the ministry’s constitution. We’d be lost without him. What has taken other “mzungu” (white) ministries half a year to process, we have come through in 2 weeks. God’s hand is upon us! How exciting is that?

And His hand of provision is here too, just pouring out for each need as He moves people’s hearts to give—some people Gabi has never even met!

Again and again, He moves to teach me that “[He] is committed to providing abundant resources in support of those who are living according to His purpose” (David Platt). Whether its finance for a ministry, a kind, knowledgeable, trusted friend to gives us guidance in a confusing process (or 2 or 3, even! He has provided us with so much generous help!), or the emotional support of a phone call from a much-missed, wise, and loving boyfriend a million miles away.

This is my Father. He calls me His. And what can I do with such grace but share it to tell of His glorious hope to everyone on earth?

Serving in awe in Uganda…

1 comment:

Deb said...

You can receive phone calls in Uganda? How awesome is that!!

Hope you're lovely skin isn't getting "fried" in the strong Ugandan sunshine....or the natives will rename you "red" instead of "white" ; )

Thanking & praising our Lord for His favor, provision, and protection poured out on you and Gabi!!

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