Saturday, 18 June 2011

25 and Thankful

Today is my 25th birthday. Unreal! A part of me feels like by now I really should be settled somewhere and have “everything figured out”; the other part of me is just in awe of all that journeys the Lord has had me on in these years, all the facets of His heart He has shared with me, all the faces of His people He’s led me to look into, all of the stories I have heard on their lips and seen in their eyes. I believe that our every day, every hour, every moment is engineered for us to know and love the God who knows and love us, and every experience we encounter in those moments, to draw us deeper into that. How incredible to have had 25 years of such moments…

“…With unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself…”
-- Jeremiah 31:3

In the style of Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts”, I want to set down now 25 gifts He’s given my life. A mere, random 25 out of the hundreds and thousands. 25 for each year I’ve been alive. 25 random things I am thankful for in this moment after a beautiful day spent at home in MN with my family, celebrating my birthday (the first time since I was 21)…

1.)    Him. How He never gives up on me. More than that, how He chooses to love me with an everlasting love, forever drawing me with loving-kindness (Jer. 31:3-4).
2.)    For my family. I love them. I appreciate us all more and more the older I get.
3.)    For 2 little nieces and 2 little nephews who delight my heart to no end!!!
4.)    For my handsome British boyfriend and the way he’s forever winning my heart. I don’t know anyone with quite his character and heart, and I am blessed and continually amazed that he wants me to be his!
5.)    For summer days.
6.)    For this majestic pastureland around my home and for long walks through it, seeking His face.
7.)    For the way He lets me find Him…
8.)    For Doris Day films, so light-hearted and glamorous :)
9.)    For Hot Cocoa, or as Charles calls them, “Internal Hugs”—especially in a gorgeous new and unique mug from a certain brother, sis, and Tucker-man!
10.) Chocolate and peanut butter. Yum!
11.) For my aunties. I have been given so many admirable aunties so willing to invest in me as I’ve grown and still today come along side me in friendship and wisdom. I have been so blessed to grow up with such mentors in my life!
12.) For my sister who is, against all odds and after many childish fueds, my friend :)
13.) For lilacs in summer air!! Mmmmm…
14.) For the dearest of dear friends He’s placed in my life, whom “just get it” and with whom I can and do walk through everything. I don’t know why He blesses me so!!
15.) For nostalgic, romantic music…
16.) For babies, and all the dust of heaven they still carry in their tiny grasps…
17.) For His Word and how it replenishes the hungry spirit…
18.) For the way He’s given me true family and friends spread across the world— especially England, Sweden, and now Uganda.
19.) For my little brother Jonah, who has always been very precious to this big sis, but whom has become more and more of a friend over the years. I love this kid so much. My buddy.
20.) For literature and the way it can communicate to the very soul. So so thankful for books and novels and poetry and every bit of the power of the written word!
21.) For kindness in people that continually points me to Him, to the bigger picture He’s written us into, and to the reason why we are here at all. For that sense of purpose.
22.) For the amazing foundation I was given as a child in a beautiful home, in a family which stayed together, in a charmed Northern MN existence. For the conviction that we are not so blessed if not to use it as a platform to bless others.
23.) For laughter-- lots of it!
24.) For His hope.
25.) For His grace. 
25 years of blessings... Thank You, Lord.


Brandy said...

Loved this post! I hope you had a great birthday!

RimkaiGloucester said...

Happy birthday!!! Beautiful beautiful, Leah!

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