Thursday, 6 September 2012

Our 1st Engagement Shoot: An Ancient Cotswold Church

My adorable friend Lizzie Smith, who helped orchestrate the whole surprise engagement, took our first set of engagement photos the day after he proposed! She just happens to live in the most beautiful part of England, The Cotswolds, and right next door to a stunning 15th century parish church where I've attended many a Sunday morning service. It was a PERFECT shoot to represent my side of this relationship-- my "English hometown" where we got engaged is in Gloucestershire, where we took these photos. (And later in the week we did a London shoot which is where my man is from, but we're still waiting to see those photos...)

I've posted a few of my favourites here, with a link to the full album below. My darling friend is so talented! And the Cotswold churchyard and ancient church is just the fairytale-esque backdrop our romance demands :)

I love this man so.

 “My goal is that they will be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.”

– Colossians 2:2

 [See the entire album of our first set of engagement photos here:
Cotswold Engagement Shoot]


Lizzie S said...

You are too sweet to me!

Jay said...

I like the 2nd to last photo :)

Leah said...

Me too, Jay :) That one might need a frame!

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