Saturday, 16 January 2010

A New Baby Nephew born January 15th!

I sit here in my comfortable, old, favourite cafe in Gothenburg. This place and I go way back... I'm cozied up in my great, big, brown, woolen sweater-- the one that reminds of what a proper writer ought to wear, the sleeves so long that my fingers only peek out the ends to type--, listening to the incredible sounds of Newton Faulkner on the guitar, and I'm looking out the window onto the dark street wet with melting snow, smelling the sweet aroma of coffee wafting through the place, and thinking of my new baby nephew resting happily in his mommy's arms in their hospital room so far away and thanking God for his safe delivery and the welcoming family he has to greet him.

My sister finally gave birth to my yet unnamed nephew-- 9lbs, 6 oz, 21 inches long. And I can't help but smile as I think of His grace which has, "cared for [us] since [we] were born. Yes, [He] carried [us] before [we] were born. [He] will be [our] God throughout [our] lifetime[s]-- until [our] hair turns white with age. [He] made [us] and [He] will care for [us]. [He] will carry [us] along and save [us]" (Isaiah 46:3-4). What a beautiful, kind, loving, masterful God we serve...

I miss home today.

I so want to see my precious nieces' faces when they meet their baby brother. I can imagine little Emily (2 years old) straining on tip-toe to kiss her baby brother's wrinkly forehead, and Abby being the big sister and instructing her on how to be careful :) I can just see them jumping up and down in mommy's hospital room with such excitement after such a long wait. My sister's family is very precious to me. And I so wish I could be there with them.

Emily (2) and Abby (4) with their 4 month old cousin, my nephew Tucker :)
He was good practice for these two sisters as they prepared for a baby brother in their family!

Congratulations, my loves. Auntie misses you. I lay you in the hands of this huge, loving God I serve and wait for the day I get to cuddle all 4 of my nieces and nephews again!!

I've just come in from the cold to my favourite cafe after a friend took me out for a lovely Indian meal and I'm feeling blessed, if a little bit homesick. Now it's off to prepare to teach Sunday School tomorrow on Jesus calling the 12 Disciples. And then to seek Him for how He'd like me to lead the service for the main part of church as well!

(It's His kindness that keep me aware of how completely I must depend on Him.
So I'm thankful.)

Love in Him,

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Paula said...

Wow!! That photo of Emily, Abby and Tucker was taken 4 months ago... time sure flies by! I can't believe that Tucker is already 8 months old!!

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