Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My 4th Grade Penpals...

I got another big envelope of beautiful letters and handmade cards from my cousin's 4th grade class at their Christian school near Chicago! They are studying missionaries and sharpening their writing skills by corresponding with me. And they are all little delights :)

Today they were telling me about many things, but common themes were what they want to be when they grow up and what they are studying about currently in school. Some of the comments were just too adorable not to share!

• “I want to have a lot of money because when I have children I want to give them what they want (but not everything they want). And to get a edication when I grow up. And get everything that I need and my husband.” – Tajah
• “When I grow up I want to be president. I want to be president because I want to help change the world. I want to help make a difference. I like to help people in danger. I want to get rid of the violence. That’s why I want to be president.” – Amira
• “I have some problems with dividing 3 digit numbers. But my dad always helps me.” – Sky
• “When I grow up I want to be either a lawyer or a hair stylist. I want to be a lawyer because they make a lot of money. I want to be a hair stylist because I enjoy doing hair. I don’t think it pays enough though, so I’m sort of confused. What do you think I should be?” – Sky
• “Leah, if you were my cousin we will have so much fun together and I will say nice things to you.” – Hannah (aww!)
• “Leah, where do you work at and how long you’ve been in Sweeden and when are you going to get married and also how old are you also God loves you and so do I.” – Hannah :)
• “I want to be an attorney because I like to help people. I also want to be an attorney because I like to get my point across.” – Terreane

See what I mean??
I'm thankful to God for the little bright spots He sends with a smile :)

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