Sunday, 27 June 2010

Glad Midsommar!

This past weekend was the BEAUTIFUL Swedish holiday of Midsommar! I can't help but love any holiday which requires one to wear flowers in her hair ;) I went camping with my lovely Swedish family (friends whom have adopted me and I've adopted them!) The Brinks at their friends' "sommar stuga" (summer cabin) on a lake inland. It was a beautiful, relaxing weekend filled with laughter ringing across the garden, picnics in the grass, and sunbathing! Mmm. I'm so thankful to get to experience this beautiful part of Swedish culture for the second time!

(Dancing around the Maypole as is Swedish tradition!)

(Watching the festivities)

(Swedish strawberries!!! Yum... THIS is summer in Sweden :))

(And this is summer in life!)

(Making rings of wildflowers for our hair! Mmm, I love Midsummer :))

(Setting up our monstrous tent!)

(The lovely Brinks-- my half-Singaporean Swedish family :))

[See all the photos here:

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