Monday, 14 June 2010

Newsletter Writer's Block

... I seem to be particularly susceptible to this particular kind of writer's block. Ugh.

It's my day off. I got it started! And first page done. But then I get to the second page and there's just SO MUCH that needs sharing, so many stories to tell of His faithfulness, so many exciting things to share, and I get so befuddled about what to share and what to withhold so that I can fit everything in to that tiny space! So I took a break and looked after my friend's kids for a few hours, taking them to Slatta Dam (my local pond) to feed the ducks, and came back to it, with a cup of cocoa set beside me and the sun setting over the mountains outside my window.

Onward we go!

I so prefer THIS kind of writing, a sort of journal where you can tell many stories and every pondering of your heart whenever it hits you. None of this "compile a report of everything that's hit you within the month" stuff. Blah.

Haha. Anyway, that was my procrastination rant, and now back to the work!

(Hmmm. The sun has just hit the top of the mountain. God's glory must be somewhat like this light.... Goodness, my heart is full!)

1 comment:

Breanna said...

I'll write your newsletter if you write my final paper for grad school. :)

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