Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photo Challenge: Days 7, 8, 9 & 10 (I'm behind!)

Day 7:

Hot Habanero & Passion Love

So this is not exactly the kind of photo I'm after taking, but I did it for Charles :) My man loves his food, and my man loves me! And he gets a kick out of equating the two. I once got a text saying he was eating a bag of crisps which were advertized as tasting zesty-- "just like his love for me". So when I noticed this jar of nearly-finished salsa in the fridge of the flat where I'm house-sitting, I couldn't resist snapping a photo and sending it to Charles. "My love for you is like hot habanero and passion salsa, baby" :) hehehe. Oh yes.

Day 8:

A Cloudy Pink Birthday Surprise
This gorgeous little ring arrived in the post for me the other day! My cousin Emily had found it in a little street market in London one of her last days studying in the UK and thought it a perfect birthday surprise for me. I love looking down to see it's pretty delicateness on my finger :) And I loved getting this photo to come out so crystal clear in such a closecloseclose and detailed shot!

Day 9:

5 A Day
I love fresh fruit, especially kiwi and green grapes, and I love having a little kitchen of my own to keep a little fruit bowl in. The bright Swedish evening light through the open door leading out onto the balcony just lit up the crystal of this dish and it begged to have its photo taken! And good timing too, because the grapes were begging to be eaten and the display isn't quite so pretty now :)

Day 10:

The Harbour
Gothenburg, Sweden

(I am a day behind on my personal photo challenge! I will have to add it on at the end :))

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