Friday, 6 July 2012

Photo Challenge: Days 16 & 17

I spent the afternoon of my 4th of July chatting over the webcam with this little honey :)
My 2 year old nephew Kenan.
He loved to show me his little tractors and trucks and tell me about the cows. hehe.
And my heart is just SORE with adoration of this little man.
Incidentally, he looks very very much like his mommy, my sister, in this picture of him on the webcam :)
Oh! I love him!

I have spent today reading through old journal entries, and taking sustenance from the encouragement our beautiful God has given me in the past...
Goodness, how much He has for me to learn!

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Ahh.. my little man. I love that people are thinking he looks like me because I always hear how much my kids look like Joel and his side.
We all loved skyping with you that day. The kids especially I think! Thanks for babysitting them for me. ;-)

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