Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Points for Prayer!

So, I'm off to Sweden in the morning and I wanted to give anyone out there who prayers a few immediate prayer points!!!

My thoughts are all a bit messy at this minute. It's nearly 2am and it's been a busy few days of trying to say good goodbyes and pack well. My Dutch friend Mim was in the country on a visit and it's the last time I'll see her before she heads off to serve long-term in China and the whole concept of that has just hardly sunk in yet. My mind isn't really too prepared for Sweden yet, but I'm sure once I'm there I'll be really caught up into His great purpose and feel really alive in it all. But more on that soon!!

Please pray that I won't have any hitches at the airport tomorrow. Stansted is a particularly hostile airport, in my experience, and Ryanair is VERY rigid on luggage weight and all. Please pray that both my check-in and carry-on luggage will fall into the right weight!! Oh, and keep on praying about the computer, of course. I think we have a lead as to how to fix it a bit, but it's not for sure and I can't afford it to be costly!!

And that's another thing you might bring before God for me--- please pray that finances will come in for this time in Sweden. I'm afraid the little I have left will just run out and that's scary!! But I'd really like too not have to beg outright for financial support this trip. So far one person has already asked where they can send some support for my short-term work in Sweden to-- hurray!!! Please pray that God will stir up other hearts of the people who follow my journey in mission. He knows what's needed to do this...

Ooh, can you also pray that I pick up on the language quite supernaturally? I always start to learn bits and pieces whenever I'm in a foreign country for awhile and Sweden I've been to a few times so it's vaguely familiar, but as far as actually comprehending it, I have a long way to go. Most people can speak English so I do alright, but it would be really nice to be able to read signs a bit better and if I could actually understand what people say to me before they realize I'm English-speaking, that would be great! I'd love to be able to meet the people where they're at and speak their own language, but I'm not going to be too hopeful in 2 months! Languages don't come naturally to me. But you might bring it before Him anyway and see what He does!

Finally, please will you be praying for me that throughout these 2 months God is at work opening the doors for me to get a visa to work in England? Or opening the doors to go straight into mission (possibly with ECM or GEM) in Ireland... or somewhere else? Mike and Brona have already invited me to stay and work with them in Sweden for a year but even that would take fundraising and somehow I just feel like it would be sort of delaying the inevitable--- but we'll just have to wait and see what God does... Please pray for me, though! I get so easily discouraged.

Thank you!!! I'll let you know I arrived safely as soon as I get to some internet access :)

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Gabs said...

Thanks for posting this, lovely. I'm printing it off now so I know specifically what to be covering in prayer for you :)

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