Monday, 2 February 2009

Praise the Lord!

So, I got the job :)

It's nothing glamorous, but I can feel His purpose in it for now. I feel like I've already started with a meaningful conversation with one of the interviewing managers and I'm excited about how Christ might be shared in my time working at Walmart. Plus, it's all part of the crazy life of a missionary, hey? Part of the preparation. I can't get to my "missionfield" without finance!

After my interview I met up with two old friends from Faith Baptist for lunch and the fellowship is so encouraging. I've been so lonely being back here, so far away from my life full of friends in Europe. But I am continually amazed at His blessings of placing lovely people in my path at just the right moments :) Kim's on a similar path of having been given a heart for mission and working out how to live this crazy, alternative lifestyle that comes with that heart!


And now, since I've been tagged--

You're meant to go to the folder on your computer where you keep your photos, go to your 4th folder, and upload the 4th file from that folder and then explain it :)

So, this is a bunch of us at college playing Super Uno (Dave and Adriaan Rules, 4th Edition :)). This is when my great friend Adriaan was back over in England visiting me from the Netherlands! I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but he seems to be calling me out about something and I may be about to cover my mouth-- maybe in an "oh my goodness!" gesture. Or maybe to sneeze or something. Haha. No clue. But those game nights were very very special. Adriaan and Dave (who is the owner of the dark, short-haired head you see the top of in the bottom right) used to add new rules to Uno all the time in our first year of college until it became our favourite college-wide game and such a laugh :)

(I don't know enough bloggers to tag 4 new people that Hannah didn't already tag-- how sad is that!?)

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