Friday, 20 March 2009

Another Road Bump

Hey All--

A few pleas for prayer:

1.) NO SIGN OF THE VISA yet! Will you please pray with me that it arrives soon (6 to 8 weeks of processing from the day the consulate received my passport and application was the 9th to the 25th of March) and that it arrives approved!

2.) If it doesn't arrive approved, please pray that the Lord makes it very clear what He'd like me to do about that. I assume then that I would stay in Park Rapids til the weddings I'm meant to be a part of in August. But then would I reapply for Sweden and work with Rescue Mission? Or would I take another route and look to another area of ministry in Europe?

3.) URGENT! I've just discovered I was misinformed by the accountant back when I first started checking into things regarding support and taxes! I am trying not to panic, as God saw this as much as He's seen every other step in this crazy life He's called me to. But it means I only have a few days to get things sorted before leaving town-- if my visa comes back approved by the 25th! I have to find a way to have my support given to me via a non-profit organization in the states so that the gifts will be tax-deductible for the American supporters. I'm checking with my home church, which would be ideal. If the gifts could be made out to the church and delegated to me, then I could send out the tax-deductible receipts from the church at the end of the year. Otherwise, we have to try to find a way to have all my support be given straight to Rescue Mission Ministries in Sweden, but it's so complicated to get American money converted to Swedish money and there are all kinds of fees attached which would probably use up half the support each month anyway, and it's all just such a hassle!!! PLEASE PRAY that I will be able to have this set-up through an American institution-- preferrably my home church! And it has to be sorted out SOON!!!

He is Lord. He knows, He sees, He has it all in hand. Thank you for committing it all to Him along with me over and over and over again! What would I do without you??


p.s. I'll have news on my CD fundraiser soon!


Sara said...

Praying for you Leah!!! Everything will work out beautifully!

Brandy said...

I will pray. :) Just remember it's all in God's timing.

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