Wednesday, 18 March 2009

MoSaIc CrEaTiOnS!!!!

Hey All,

[Ali is pictured here (in the red) making chocolate balls with our friend Adelina :)]

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Ali is a dear friend in ministry whom I met at Redcliffe and God has taken her on quite a journey lately culminating in a move into producing art! I've had the privilege of watching her work in the process-- every time I'd go around to her house my last year in England, she'd have a new piece in the process. It was fascinating and inspiring to see! She is selling her work as prints, notecards and postcards-- which is SUCH a fab idea :) Maybe you'd like to check them out and hang a new piece of art in your home or restock your stationary drawer in a way that supports God's ministry in the world?? Her pieces are almost as powerful as her story... You will be blessed by your contact with this amazing woman of God.

Check it out at:

Let her know that I sent you :)


p.s. STILL awaiting the visa... time is short now and all of life is put on hold. Please pray for a speedy delivery of an APPROVED residency permit!!!!

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