Monday, 23 March 2009

You Are Loved

Hey All--

So, some good news to break up all the bad or no news lately!!!

I have made a cd to fundraise with :)

I don't know how it happened, really! I don't know how the songs happened, or why ya'll like to listen to them (but I'm glad!), or how He brought a lovely little lady called Fran into my life who was just such a joy to work with as she recorded my 6 songs to cd. I know this has to be God because these are not doors I have ever knocked on or pushed against myself. Just ones He's flown open in front of me and asked me to walk through...

So, my little cd-- performed by a girl who can't play an instrument or read a note, playing on an old antique piano in her parents' dining room, singing words laid on her heart by the Lover of Souls-- is for sale to support my work with Rescue Mission Ministries in Goteborg, Sweden for $5.00 or a donation of your choice and capability.

(Abby playing the lovely old piano when she was 1 year old :))

The track listings on the cd entitled 'You Are Loved' are:
1.) Awaken the Dawn-- based on Lam. 3:22-26, Ps. 56:8, and Ps. 61:4
2.) You Are Loved-- based on Rom. 8:35-39
3.) Speak to Me (I am Yours)-- based on Zeph 3:17
4.) You Are His (Song of Songs 4:7)-- based on Eph. 1:4-6, Isa. 41:9b, Isa. 43:1b, Isa. 49:15b-16a, Song of Songs 4:7
5.) Compelled (Missionary Song)-- based on 2 Cor. 5:14-15, Rom 10:13-15
6.) You Will Always Be Mine-- based on Isa 43:1-3 & 10-13

These songs came out of a frustrating season of waiting on Him. A time of deep uncertainties and many "what ifs." But every time I turn fear-filled eyes on Him and ask, "But, Lord, what if...?", He answers, "If ________, then you are still Mine. I am still your God." And so these songs were born from fingertips treading softly over piano keys foreign to my touch, but known to His, as He spoke hope and healing into my heart through His Word. I desire for them to speak the same hope and healing to yours.

Please get in touch with me to let me know if you'd like one (or more!). I will happily send them to you. And thank you in advance for your interest and your care and your patience and graciousness to take what little I have and encourage me to keep on with it!

(Get in touch by email with your address if you'd like one sent, and feel free to pay by check or via paypal:

1 comment:

Sarah Von Bergen said...

I want one! I will pay for shipping. When I shipped one of mine, I think it costs around $1.50...let me know...

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