Thursday, 20 August 2009

Calling all... Garbage?

Many of you will remember a letter I wrote for family & friends before I left for Sweden in April all about ways that you could get involved in ministry in Europe without ever leaving your home. I sent out a special letter about ways to contribute without being a financial or a prayer supporter.

A few of those suggestions were:

* Clip the stamps off your envelopes you receive in the mail and save them for me. Both of my grandmas had big bags of stamps for me when I got back to the states in July :) Thank you, Grandmas!

* Collect old cell phones and used Ink Jet printer cartridges for me. My sister-in-law just brought me a bag full of old ink jet cartridges from her office! Thank you, Paula!! So, I'm hoping to send these in to the fundraiser company before I go back to Sweden next month. If anyone has some old cell phones or used ink jet printer cartridges to contribute, please pass them along to me (apparently they are only acceptable if they fit in the palm of your hand, because anything bigger isn't Ink Jet)! My stash so far is very small, but every little bit counts :)
Thanks, lovelies!
p.s. The new laptop has arrived! It's pretty :) It's at the shop now to have the files from my broken laptop moved on to it. Thank you for your prayers and support!! Once again, Jahovah Jirah provides :)

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gabi dickinson said...

If you know of any more ideas like these, please pass them my way? :)

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