Thursday, 20 August 2009

I Love Being Auntie

I am Auntie to the 3 most beautiful & lovely children the world has ever seen-- and I love it! I can't express how God has used these 3 little ones in my life over the years to speak to me of Him, and His unfailing love; of faith like a child, of His perfect will, and of His Father heart.

(My newest little one to love-- 3 month old Tucker James! Whom I just met upon coming home at the end of July and have already fallen hopelessly in love with...)

(My beauties, Abby & Emily, who have held my heart for 4 & 2 years now, respectively)

(And the first photo of Nephew #2 due to Hannah and Joel & Abby and Emmy in January!)

They make even thinking of leaving for Europe again such a difficult, difficult thing to do...

But they also give me something real and infinitely valuable to hand over to my God, like He handed His Son over for me...

"Whatever I do with the time I have left, I only want to do what I cannot do unless He does it."
-- Ben Patterson

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