Thursday, 9 April 2009

Safe & Sound in Sweden

Hey All--

Just wanted to let you know I've made it :)

The leaving was very very hard this time around... But God was so near. He made sure I got the window seat on all my flights and when I boarded my plane out of MSP, all teary-eyed and heavy-hearted, there was Christian music playing over the plane's speakers! I've never ever heard Christian music over a public speaker on an airplane before...

As we touched down in Amsterdam after feeling too upset and unsettled about leaving again to sleep, I asked God what it is about this place-- Europe-- about Europeans-- that He drew my heart to. He didn't say, but I felt so connected once again. Like pieces of myself had come home after a long absence.

And then, as if just to give me one more comfort and assurance of His presence, my Dutch friend Adriaan came all the way to the airport in Amsterdam to meet me for a coffee between my flights! We didn't even know if it would work for me to pass out through security, but he came anyway, just incase, and all was well with the world if only for the hour and a half I was at the Amsterdam Airport!

Sweden is the epitome of Springtime! It is beautiful and sunny and alive. Mike and Danie met me at the airport, Danie exhausted from her own travels from England which meant she was leaving Oxford at 1am to be at the airport in London in time for her 7am flight! "Papa" Mike swept me up in one of his signature hugs and it felt like a homecoming :)

There are snags, though (aren't there always?) in that the room I thought I would rent has been rented out! And I'm not sure where else I can go on the mission support I have so far... I'm sure He has it all in hand and I'm not even going to worry about it til after our busy Easter Weekend with my future sister-in-law visiting. But I would value your prayers!! I know He'll hear :)

I find myself so very sensitive about all this. Like, any little thing that goes slightly off plan makes me go, "Oh, so maybe I'm on the wrong path, then?" Ridiculous, I know, but the doubts prey on me if I let them. I have never felt so very much part of a battle for my trust in Him then I have since starting this journey into Mission and Ministry... Please do keep praying for this specifically. That He will teach me Big, Strong, Battle-ready faith and trust in Him...

I can't help but feel way too small for this when I'm off in it. But I can't help but feel a bit empty when I'm not! Oh Lord, I'm glad You know what You're doing with this life because I sure don't! But it's Yours, and that's enough...

Tomorrow, Danie and I and my Romanian friend Sorinella, are going to try to go out around the city and see the beauty of Goteborg, as well as sample traditional Swedish Easter fare! You can expect photos :) Tonight we are just crashing after our travels. It's so great having Danie here. I think we could really get used to this traveling together business. Our temperments are so alike and our thirst for the beauty of the world too :)

Love and hugs and much more where this comes from--


Brandy said...

I'm glad you made it safely. God is good and ever so faithful!

Jackelyn said...

I'm glad you made it safely! Miss you already!

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