Thursday, 2 April 2009

We're Tax-Deductible, Baby!

So, upon further discussions with the accountant-- and after he'd gone in to do some further reading and investigating-- he's concluded that supporters can make checks out to me-- whether one-time or monthly-- and we'll be able to keep the money on the American side to be used via my debit card so we don't have to bother with wire transfer fees and all that's lost in conversion. Then in December I will add up what each partner has given in support and Rescue Mission (well, it'll be me, but officially Rescue Mission!) will send a receipt as the non-profit organisation, saying x-amount was given for my work with the ministry. You just claim the total amount on your taxes as charitable donations and that's that!

Not nearly as complicated as he made it out to be a week or two ago.

Thank you for your prayers for this. God's favour rests upon us :)

Now, pray for Him to speak to hearts about the 2/3 of monthly support left to be pledged! He will provide :)

Thank you, lovelies!

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